Food Bully



Have you ever been a victim food bullying or are you a food bully yourself? 

Recent studies have shown that peer pressure really makes a difference about what people order at restaurants or where people purchase to take home from the grocery store. And that’s really scary and sad because the food we eat comes in direct contact with our cells and affects in harmful ways and we keep doing it! energy and it accelerates the aging process! 

Who wants that? Why wouldn’t we want to do a good job for ourselves? Why would we want to harm our selves through eating bad food and we could eat good food?

Natures Cocktail was started to remind people and inspire people to take care of their body and that it can be fun we make healthy cookies and granola with coconut oil and no preservatives only ingredients that you would want to see On a plate. 

Learn more at the link below and tell us have you ever been a victim of food bullying.