Our Ingredients.

Nature’s cocktail cookies and granola are packed with Healthy, wholesome ingredients that keep your body feeling full, healthy and strong.  Some of the amazing, all-natural superfoods our products are made from include:



Chia Seeds

Craving-killing members of the mint family, were staples of the Ancient Aztec diet because of their ability to keep stomachs fuller longer. According to Dr. Weil, internet health guru, this spectacular diet food expands in the stomach to keep you full for an extended period. Chia seeds can also reduce blood pressure and help stabilize blood sugar.


Coconut Oil

A protein-rich oil derived from the meat of coconuts. The healthy fats in coconut oil are easily converted into energy in the body. In addition to its antifungal and moisturizing properties, research has found that Coconut oil can increase thyroid health and boost the metabolic process, to assist weight loss. Coconut oil is unique clean oil, which does not become toxic when heated. Other oils—when heated—including corn, canola and soybean, can cause arthritis, digestive problems and have even been linked to certain cancers and birth defects.


Flax Seeds

Also known as linseeds, are the fibrous seeds of the Flax plant. Flax seeds are rich in cell-protecting antioxidants and Omega3 essential fats.  They have been found to avoid certain cancers and help lower cholesterol.


Nature’s Cocktail exists solely to make healthy eating and living easier for you. Just grab some of our snacks and go!


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